Creole Drumming Lesson & Cookery Demonstration

At the Maroon Creole Drumming School you will be welcomed by Emmeth Young, an internationally renowned Creole drummer. Emmeth will take you on a short walk around his garden, collecting ingredients such as cassava and sugarcane. Jill, his wife, then uses these fresh ingredients in a cooking demonstration, whilst giving a quick lesson on Creole cuisine and culture. During the cooking demonstration, you will have the chance to try your hand at baking Creole bread on an open fire hearth.

As the cooking demonstration comes to an end, and Jill enters the kitchen to finish preparing a traditional Creole meal, Emmeth enters his element as he hands out a variety of drums, from the djembe to the sambai, and starts to teach some basic drumming techniques. Before long, Emmeth will have you drumming a variety of African rhythms, and as they overlap you will begin to marvel at their complexity!
After mastering some Creole drum rhythms, you will be treated to a lunch of baked fish, stew chicken and cassava in coconut sauce, alongside a refreshing herbal cow’s foot tea.

Tour Difficulty Rating = Relaxed

Departure: 9:30am
Return: 2:00pm
Food & Drink: CTL provides drinks, Drum School provides lunch
Dress: no recommendations
Extras: sunscreen, insect repellant, camera, sunglasses, hat

Price: $90US/person for Room Only & Full Board, Children age 4 – 12, half price
All prices are subject to tax & service charge

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