Jungle Survival with Armando

We call this popular onsite tour the “Jungle Survival” because at its conclusion you may be able to survive in the rainforest of Belize.
In this fascinating demonstration Armando will show you how to survive by using only the plants and animals of the jungle. Most important to survival is water, which you will obtain by hacking open the centre of vine roots. Next, attention is shifted to food, which comes in a spectacular array of forms, from cohune nuts to Mayan apples to land snails. Then, you will be shown how to construct a shelter of palm leaves to offer complete protection from the relentless jungle rain.
This tour can be arranged at the office and 1 day notice is required. No last minute cancellation.

Tour Difficulty Rating = Challenging

Tour Details:
Depart: Anytime between 9am to 2pm
Distance: On Cotton Tree Lodge property
Dress: Long pants, long sleeve shirts, shoes or boots
You may want to bring hat, sunscreen, insect repellant and camera

Price: $25US/person, children age 4-12, half price. Overnight jungle survival is also available at $75/person.

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