Living Maya Cultural Experience

In Big Falls village the Chiac family form part of The Living Maya Experience, an organization that offers a fascinating glimpse into a fast disappearing world in which the local Kek’chi Maya depended upon the forest and found everything in it to satisfy their needs from food to furniture to medicine.
Once you arrive at The Living Maya Experience, the warm family will show you the raw materials from the jungle that are used in their craft making, such as henequen leaves, from which natural fibres are extracted and weaved into the thread that is used to form hammocks. With the guidance of the Chiacs, you will be able to try your hand at making a wide range of crafts, including baskets, hammocks, calabash carvings, cuxtal bags and rosewood bowls. After seeing your beginner’s efforts, you will appreciate the incredible skill and patience that is required to make these authentic works of art!

Tour Difficulty Rating = Relaxed

Departure: 9:30am
Return: 1:00pm
Food & Drink: CTL provides water
Dress: no recommendations
Extras: sunscreen, insect repellant, camera, sunglasses, hat

Price: $120US/person for Room Only & Full Board, Children age 4 – 12, half price
All prices are subject to tax & service charge

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