Belize Resort
Moho River
Punta Gorda, Toledo District, Belize
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Cotton Tree Lodge by Boat

Many years ago, owner Chris Crowell sailed his boat Juanita up the Moho River and found the land on which Cotton Tree Lodge now stands. This spot on the river is still easily accessible by sailboats and motorboats, and is a great place to rest and explore the Toledo District for a few days. Let our staff take care of meals, drinks, and tours for you. Enjoy the beautiful fresh water of the Moho for swimming or kayaking. Guests arriving by boat are welcome to stay on their own vessels or ask about special 'Sail In' cabana rates based upon availability. No mooring fees are charged.

Sailing Directions

From Livingston, Guatemala

With your compass heading due north, the mouth of the Moho River is about 18 miles from Livingston. You will see Mother Point and Barranco Village to the south (port side). Offshore, look for a single taller tree on the port side to mark the river mouth. Sail parallel to the shore line.

From Placencia

The river mouth is approximately 35 miles south of Placencia. Pass Punta Gorda on the starboard side, and travel six miles further south after rounding Orange Point.

Once you reach the river

The channel is clear at the mouth of the river, water is 5 feet deep. Keep partially submerged tree branches on your port side as you approach. Beware of rocks on the starboard side just after entering river and past the fisherman's house. Motor upstream and keep to the center to avoid tree branches overhead. River will deepen to 20' or 30' and boats under 45' in length should be able to maneuver comfortably. Avoid travel from July - October due to possible flooding and strong currents.