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International Travel to Belize

Flying to Belize CityThe majority of our guests fly into Belize International Airport (BZE), just outside of Belize City. BZE is served daily by American, Continental, Delta, US Airways, and Taca. It's easy to search for tickets using websites such as,, and Large groups may wish to contact a travel agent for special rates. Make sure to arrive in Belize City no later than 3:30PM in order to make your local flights to our lodge. *A note for travelers coming from the UK: Saturdays are often the most desirable day to fly. A direct flight from Newark to BZE on Continental will minimize connections.

After arriving at Belize International airport, guests board a domestic flight to Punta Gorda Airstrip, where a Cotton Tree driver will pick you up and transfer you by road or by boat up the Moho River (depending on the time of day and the weather) to the lodge.


Continental's gateway for Belize travel is Houston. On weekends during the winter Continental offers direct flights from Newark Airport (EWR) in the New York City area.

US Airways

US Airways' gateway for Belize travel is Charlotte, NC.

Delta Delta's gateway for Belize travel is Atlanta.

American Airlines

American Airlines gateways for Belize travel are Miami (MIA) and Dallas/Ft Worth (DFW).

Taca Airlines

Taca's gateways is San Salvador, El Savador (SAL). The connections in the US are through Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Oakland, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington.

Flying to Cancun, MexicoSome guests have found it less expensive to fly to Cancun, Mexico.This can be a worthwhile option if you are interested in seeing Mayan ruins in that area, such as Tulum. It takes two buses to travel from Cancun to Belize City. From the main bus terminal in Cancun, ATS runs air-conditioned buses to Chetumal five times a day.The trip takes five hours and costs US $10.At Chetumal Terminal, purchase a ticket to Belize City. The fare is around US $6 and takes approximately 2 hours. From Belize City, you can fly to Punta Gorda, or take the James Bus the rest of the way. The domestic airline Maya Island Air is also offering flights from Cancun to Belize City Internaitonal Airport, departing Cancun at 2pm daily. Return flights depart Belize City at 10:40am.

Flying to San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Another option for affordable flights or more desirable connections is San Pedro Sula (SAP), Honduras. This options would likely include an overnight stay at either San Pedro Sula, Honduras; Puerto Barrios, Guatemala; or Livingston, Guatemala. Flights are available on Maya Island Air from San Pedro Sula to Belize City International Airport. Flights depart SAP at 9am daily, and return from BZE at 3pm daily.

By Bus or Van and Ferry Boat

You can travel to Punta Gorda from SAP by a combination of road and ferry.We can assist you with chartering a van from San Pedro Sula to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala (approximately 2 hours), where you will take a ferry across the Caribbean to Punta Gorda, Belize. The last ferry leaves Puerto Barrios at 2pm, and costs US $25 per person each way. Your driver can assist you with border crossings and purchasing ferry tickets.

Independent travelers with a good handle on Spanish can make the trip themselves using public transportation. Take a taxi from the airport downtown and spend the night in San Pedro Sula. In the morning, take a taxi to the bus terminal and ask for the Feunte del Norte Bus to Puerto Barrios, which departs at 6am. The bus will drop you off at the border of Guatemala and Honduras (2 hours). After clearing customs you will need to take a taxi from the border to Puerto Barrios, and then catch the ferry from Barrios to Punta Gorda.

The ferry schedule is as follows:

Leave Puerto Barrios/Arrive PG10:00AM/11:00AM Pichillingo1:00PM/3:00PM Marisol2:00PM/ 3:00PM Requenas

Leave PG/Arrive Puerto Barrios9:30AM/10:30AM Requena's2:00PM/3:00PM Pichillingo4:00PM/ 5:00PM Marisol

Leave PG/Arrive Livingston10:00AM/11:00AM Tuesday and Friday Only

Leave Livingston/Arrive PG4:00PM/5:00PM Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat8:00AM/9AM Tues, Thurs.

If you will arrive too late in the day to catch the last ferry, we can assist you with booking overnight accommodation in San Pedro Sula. You might also take a day to explore the Mayan ruins of Copan or the Rio Dulce in Guatemala.

Flying to Guatemala City, Guatemala

Flight connections between GUA and BZE are available on Maya Island Air. Flights depart Guatemala City at 1pm daily and return from BZE at 10:40am. If you have considered incorporating a trip to Tikal into your itinerary, Tropic Air runs daily connections from Flores, Guatemala to Belize City which depart at 9:45am and 4:15pm daily. Return flights are available at 8:30am and 3pm each day.

If you prefer to travel to PG by bus, take a taxi from the airport to the Litegua bus terminal at 6a Calle and 9a Avenida, Zona 1. A direct ticket to Puerto Barrios should cost you around $10, possibly more for a 'deluxe' bus. The ride takes approximately 5 hours on hilly roads. From Puerto Barrios, take the ferry to Punta Gorda. The last ferry leaves Barrios at 2pm and costs $25 per person each way. If you arrive late in the day, there are plenty of accommodations available in Guatemala City, but less in Puerto Barrios.