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Moho River
Punta Gorda, Toledo District, Belize
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River Kayaking

Kayaking on the Moho River is an appealing way to spend an hour or a full day. The river is clean and gentle, and even first-time kayakers will enjoy paddling upstream and floating back to Cotton Tree, or just staying around the docks and observing birds, turtles, and iguanas along the river banks. We have seven complimentary kayaks available, five singles and one double, for guests to use anytime. Traditional wooden dugout canoes are also available. We are happy to drive our guests with kayaks to different access points along the Moho River and let you paddle back. Non-guests are welcome to visit the lodge and rent a kayak or canoe at a rate of US $5 per hour.

Guests are welcome to explore the river independently, though the following options are available for those who need ideas:

Kayak to Boom CreekKayak downstream approximately five miles, enjoying the wildlife along the riverbanks and passing our Mayan neighbors in dugout canoes along the way. Ask the kitchen to pack a picnic lunch for you, and enjoy it upon arrival at Boom Creek, a small village built along the banks of the Moho. A lodge vehicle will pick you up and bring you back to Cotton Tree by road. The trip should take you 2 - 3 hours.

Kayak from Santa Anna back to Cotton TreeA lodge vehicle will bring you to the village of Santa Anna and launch you at the riverbank. You may pass Mayan women doing their laundry in the river, hand-line fisherman, and our other neighbors as you paddle downstream back to Cotton Tree. The trip is about 3 miles and takes 1 - 1.5 hours. You may choose to kayak back from one of our tours in Santa Anna, such as tortilla making or a medicinal plant walk.

Kayak to a Sunken Mayan BridgeAbout mile upstream from Cotton Tree, large rows of submerged stones cross the river in several places. Some think these are ruins from an ancient Mayan bridge, but no one knows for sure. Borrow a snorkel and mask from the lodge, explore the site, and draw your own conclusions. The entire trip will take 1 - 1.5 hours.

Kayak and Hike up Kite's HillPaddle a half-mile upstream and tie your kayaks to the base of Kite's Hill. This land used to be owned by Mr. Kite, an expatriate who taught jungle survival skills to British clients on his property. It's now abandoned but you might find some traces from his past as you climb the steep and challenging hillside. It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the summit, where you'll be afforded views of the Caribbean, the Belizean countryside, and the hills of Guatemala. This trip takes approximately two hours. *This trip is physically challenging and must be done with a guide.

Kayak from Blue Creek Village Back to Cotton TreeThe clear blue water flowing from Blue Creek Cave is one of the sources of the Moho River. After exploring Blue Creek Cave or completing the Blue Creek Hike, you can launch your kayaks and paddle 15 miles back to Cotton Tree. Along the way you will pass through the village of Santa Anna, and traverse a few moderate patches of whitewater. The trip will take approximately 5 - 6 hours depending on your physical ability and the flow of the river. *This trip requires a guide.

Birdwatching from Your KayakThe hours around dawn and sunset are the best times to see birds along the river, and kayaking is a perfect way to quietly observe them. If you inform the office the night before, we will be able to prepare kayaks for you at any time of the morning. Occasionally birding guides are available to accompany guests on these trips.