Belize Resort
Moho River
Punta Gorda, Toledo District, 00000, Belize
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Carbon Offsets

Offset the environmental impact of your travel to Belize. Your international and domestic flights use precious resources and contribute to global climate change. For example, a round-trip flight from New York to Belize produces more than one ton of CO².

A $50 donation could offset this impact by supporting Sustainable Harvest International's programs in Belize. Sustainable Harvest International is a non-profit organization that provides farming families in Central America with the training and tools to overcome poverty while restoring our planet's tropical forests.Read more about the Sustainable Harvest International and Cotton Tree Lodge partnership here. For more information about our carbon offset program please contact

Plant Trees - $25
Provide families with the seeds, nursery materials and training to plant trees. In addition to providing families with food and income, SHI's reforestation efforts protect soils, mitigate global warming and provide a home for wildlife.

Reforest a Family Farm - $30
Provide families with the training and tools they need to reforest a plot of tropical forest in Central America.

Plant a Forest of Chocolate - $40
Give a family seeds, nursery materials and training to plant an plot of organic multi-story cacao in their community. Cacao (what is used to make chocolate) is a valuable cash-crop that can be grown in plots that mimic the natural forest. These multi-story crops provide families with a diversity of produce, mitigate global warming and create wildlife habitat.

Build a Wood-Conserving Stove - $50
Wood-conserving stoves save thousands of trees and greatly improve women's and children's health in Central America. These stoves require a fraction of the amount of firewood of an open fireplace and reduce toxic smoke in the home. Provide a family with a chimney, grate and training to build these stoves out of mostly local materials. As one recent stove recipient in Honduras said, "This stove has changed my life. I don't have to spend hours collecting firewood. I only need to use little sticks and the smoke goes up the chimney, not in my eyes and lungs."

Establish a Village School Program - $100
SHI's school programs provide students, teachers and communities with training to grow nutritious food while restoring the environment. SHI's local field trainers teach in the classroom and work with students and educators to plant trees and vegetable gardens.