Belize Resort
Moho River
Punta Gorda, Toledo District, Belize
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Sailing at Cotton Tree Lodge

Not far upriver from the Caribbean, Cotton Tree Lodge is a great starting spot for a sailing trip.Our 26' sailboat, Gena, is cozy, sturdy, and perfect for short expeditions.Chris Crowell, owner of the lodge and a licensed boat captain, will be your guide. Before opening Cotton Tree Lodge Chris ran a charter sailing business called Timeless Tours in Belize for many years. It was on one of these original sailing trips that he cruised up the Moho River and found the land that Cotton Tree Lodge stands on today.

Please e-mail to book these tours in advance.

Bay of Honduras Sunset Sail

$400 U.S. for two, $100 U.S. for a third passenger
Take a ride by skiff down the Moho River, then transfer to Gena at the river's mouth. Help Chris raise the sails as you head into the beautiful Bay of Honduras. Spend next few hours relaxing or take hold of the tiller as you sail southeast toward Guatemala, returning as the sun sets on the Maya Mountains to the west.This trip is four hours total, and may return after dark. Trip includes wine or beer and snacks.

Snake Caye Sailing & Snorkeling Excursion
US $1200 for two
You'll leave the Cotton Tree Lodge dock early on Gena, motoring slowly downriver and taking time to see birds, turtles, iguanas, and if you're lucky, howler monkeys. At the mouth of the river, help Chris raise the sails and head northeast into the Caribbean, past Punta Gorda and on to the Snake Cayes in the Port of Honduras Marine Reserve. Anchor alongside one of these beautiful, uninhabited islands. Spend your afternoon swimming, Snorkeling on the reef, fishing, and exploring cayes. Enjoy your freshly prepared catch of the day for dinner on the beach or boat. Sleep on board on the lea side of a caye, and head back to Cotton Tree in the morning. This trip takes approximately 1 day, and includes lunch, dinner, breakfast, Snorkeling equipment, fishing gear, and park fees.

If you have your own sailboat
Those with their own boats are welcome to anchor in the Moho River near Cotton Tree. Join us at the Cotton Tree Lodge restaurant and bar for meals, or reserve one of our daily tours. Please see our Getting Here by Boat page for more information.