Traditional Tortilla Making with Ms. Bo

This tour takes place in the Mayan village of Santa Anna, where you will enter into the home of Eusebia Bo. Mrs Bo will open her home to you, ushering you across the dirt floor of the kitchen and around her traditional mud stove. You will be able to help out in the processes of shucking dried corn, boiling, washing and grinding the kernals into a corn dough, and then shaping the dough to form round tortillas. After attempting to shape the tortillas, you will wonder how Mrs Bo can make perfectly round ones every single time, until she tells you that she has been practicing since the age of 8!
The Mayan diet traditionally included a lot of corn, along with main staples such as squash, beans and chili peppers, and modern Maya people still follow a largely similar diet to their ancestors. Mrs Bo, a mother of 10, regularly makes 120 corn tortillas a day to feed her entire family. Once the hard work of cooking the tortillas is done, you can relax on one of the kitchen’s hammocks and eat them with fresh eggs and tomatoes. Whilst you eat, conversing with Mrs Bo will allow you to gain a fascinating insight into Mayan village life.
Cotton Tree Lodge is happy for you to tailor your tour, so you may choose to either drive, cycle or ride horseback to Santa Anna, and kayak back to the lodge if you so wish.

Tour Difficulty Rating = Relaxed

Departure: 9:30am
Return: 11:30pm
Food & Drink: CTL provides water, Mrs Bo provides tortillas
Dress: no recommendations
Extras: sunscreen, insect repellant, camera

Price: $75US/person for Room Only & Full Board, Children age 4 – 12, half price
All prices are subject to tax & service charge

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