Why Choose Belize?

We all love to travel. And the world is pretty big. And awesome. So much to see. Why should you choose Belize? The answer-simplicity and familiarity...

Currency. Belize uses and recognizes American currency. The exchange rate is fixed at 2:1. Every US dollar is worth 2 Belize dollars. You don't ever have to find somewhere to exchange your money into local currency. Yes, if you use American bills you will probably be given change in Belizean dollars. They can be used interchangeably in Belize. But bills only, no coins. If you try to pay with a US quarter or and change at all they won't accept the coins. 

Langauage. English is the official language of Belize. Every road sign, legal document and menu is in english. In fact, all schools in Belize are taught in English. Much of the country also speaks spanish, Creole or a Mayan dialect such as Kekchi. But they all also speak English. Travel made easy!

Small Country. You can do so much here. Belize is only 170 miles long and 68 miles wide. Small country, loads to see and do. Want to see a jungle waterfall one day and snorkel the clear waters of the Caribbean the next day? No problem. 

Laws. Most laws in Belize are very similar to laws back home. We have speed limits, labor laws, minimum wage laws, vehicle titles, and more. You can visit Belize and experience another culture, yet still feel comfortable and safe.