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The best part of Belize are the people. We hope that while you are here at Cotton Tree Lodge you enjoy the beauty of the surrounding jungle and rain forest. We hope you get out on a tour and explore something new. We hope you enjoy the food. We hope you appreciate the handmade cabanas and furniture. We really hope you take a minute and notice all the people working so very hard to make all this possible. 

Belizeans are a very friendly people who are proud of their heritage and work extremely hard. Our staff are the best of the best. We encourage you to take a minute and visit with them. They want to get to know you and hope you want to get to know them. Don't be surprised when they ask your name, even if they struggle pronouncing it, they are trying to remember you. Because you are important to them. We hope they are important to you.

Here are some of the unique things about our staff that you probably didn't know. Our cabanas and main lodge were built by two members of our staff-Sebastian and Mr. Bo. Our furniture is made by Romero. Sandy and Blue are mixing your favorite cocktails and squeezing fresh juice each morning. Marcello is our head chef and oversees the kitchen work. Nicodemus feeds and cares for the farm animals. Armando and Felix tend the garden and fruit trees. Agapito leads the tour guide team and never tires of telling stories. Valerie combs through emails making sure we have every detail covered for guests. Because each of the wonderful people are people and not just a staff member we hope you get a chance to meet them. 

Here at Cotton Tree Lodge we feel our staff is part of our family. We don't simply pay them the local minimum wage. We pay them a fair liveable wage. This does drive our costs up. We hope you understand. We also follow Belizean custom and process a gratuity of 10% for all our services. This goes directly to the staff and is split equally. On top of all this we are pleased to offer dedicated team a profit sharing plan of 50% profit. They work hard and when the resort profits, so do they. When you choose to stay at Cotton Tree Lodge we thank you, and so do our wonderful and dedicated staff!