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At our Cotton Tree Lodge

Cotton Tree Lodge includes an organic farm and you are invited to explore the farm during your stay. Our fruit trees include mangoes, pineapple, star fruit, custard apple, soursop, bananas, papaya, plantain, orange, lime and grapefruit. Our garden grows a variety of salad greens, root vegetables like coco yam, cabbage, callaloo, cherry tomato, cucumber, sweet potatoes, and much more.

We raise free range chickens for eggs and meat, goats for milk, cheese, and meat; and are starting to raise pigs as we already cure our own bacon. We also source catfish and snook just downriver from the lodge.

In addition, we feature wild harvested edibles from the rainforest such as jippi jappa, cohune cabbage (heart of palm), and many others.

We try to utilize as much as we can from our own farm and nearby farms. The majority of what we serve is sourced from within 10 miles of the lodge. We are committed to maintaining a direct connection to where our food is coming from and how it is grown/raised.

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food for resort restaurant
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The Restaurant

Our restaurant is located in the Main Lodge and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tasty, filling and healthy is our aim.

We offer set menus that change daily and willing and able to accommodate almost all dietary restrictions and food sensitivities.

Breakfast is a hot buffet including eggs, fresh tropical fruit and fresh squeezed juices, homemade tortillas, breads and flapjacks, breakfast meats, tea and coffee. For lunches we serve traditional items like burritos, stewed chicken, rice and beans, and salads. Dinners begin with appetizers at the bar followed by a four-course seated meal of soup, salad, entree, and dessert. 

The Bar

The Cotton Tree Lodge bar in the Main Lodge serves wines, local beers, and a full menu of cocktails prepared with fresh fruit juices. Nightly drink specials and appetizers make the bar a popular gathering spot before dinner. On clear nights we also serve drinks down at our riverside bar, allowing guests to enjoy their drinks and good company under the stars.
Every meal is a surprise, a feast to the eyes, a happy moment of healthy food for your tummy with their own organic food.
Lucy Carlos
The food is plentiful and good and the bonus of local rum, beer and fot drinks was welcome.
There were a couple of meals that I didn't fully enjoy, but overall the food was outstanding. I especially loved breakfast! There was always some sort of baked good like cornbread or pancakes. I ate vegetarian the whole time and CTL did a great job of accommodating. In fact, there were several guests with different dietary restrictions and nothing was too complex for them to handle. So if you're worried about your dietary restrictions, don't be! We loved their drink options and didn't think the prices were bad at all.
Good food, friendly staff. Quiet and relaxing.
Felicia Friesen
The food is delicious, and the organic farm it comes from is so impressive. We also loved having meals with the other guests of all ages and sharing each others’ adventures of the day. It made the whole experience a lot more fun to get to know fellow adventurers.
Heather F
The food they serve is all farm to table (literally, the organic garden is located on the property and they even produce their own chocolate!) The meals change daily and are always delicious.
Debora Aubol
The food was absolutely amazing! Trying barracuda was a life changing experience in the best possible way! Venturing through the organic garden was such a treat and I loved learning about their methods.
Derek C